Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday Comments, April 18

Lines of the week:

  • Tyrone "Vera, give us a sign!" (*knock knock*)
  • Molly to Tyrone "Look at ya! you're 26 going on 12!"
  • Rosie about Luke "It wasn't my money he wanted last night" (Oh yes it was!)
  • Kevin to Molly "All I want to do is jump on your bones" (classy)
  • Molly to Tyrone "You're behaving like a moron and pushing Jack away"
  • Jack to Tyrone "Like you, carpet burns on your chin"
  • Tony "I'm a pussy cat" (with very big claws)
  • Hayley "Trouble with a Capital T!"
  • Kevin about Steve's diamond jumper: "Is it Jeeves or Wooster?" Tyrone: "More like Norris Cole!"
  • Sally "I feel like Audrey Hepburn" Rosie "You look like Audrey Roberts!"
  • Sean about Jason "I heard he was a bit deshabille" (i.e. unclothed) Jason "Yeah we'd had a couple" (of beers) Doh.

Hayley isn't too happy to hear Slug was back on the scene. You just got to love Hayley. With a capital L :) Steve is turning 35 and he dresses like he's 60 and that argyle vest that Becky bought him doesn't do him any favours. It looks like something out of Mike Baldwin's wardrobe! I really doubt she'd buy him something like that, really.

Bill and Pam are writing personal ads for each other. Why don't they just date each other? Jesse's dad wont' speak to him and his mum's all over him. Mommy's boy? Something tells me Kevin (nor Molly) would be too keen on being one big happy family with each other now!

FINALLY Hayley tore a strip off Pam for selling sandwiches and taking cafe business away. What took her so long? Kirk wants to be HiyaLowa with Jesse? Stay Tuned Monday for a very funny sight!

Luke has talked Rosie into investing in Underworld. She's going to be even more insufferable now she's an owner. So let me get this right. It wasn't ok for Rosie to shag Stape, her teacher, but it was ok for her to jump into bed with the equally aged Luke Strong, her boss? But because he didn't reject Sally and he's cute, Sally is just fine with it but Kevin at least, remembers that Martin got a great deal of grief for exactly the same thing.
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Kevin and Molly????????? What are the writers thinking? What's going on? Kevin is fed up with Rosie and his wife gets on his nerves. Her husband is spending time moaning about Jack and not paying a lot of attention to her. They've only been married for 10 minutes. Big blue eyes flirts with him and he's got an instant mid-life crisis and has a huge crush on Molly. She didn't think anything more of him than a pal until he said he was crushing on her. She slapped him but did you see her face when she walked away? She thought, well this might be fun! And she was back there the next day, with all glossy lips and low cut tops and doing some heavy flirting with him. We are in for a very bumpy ride and you're not going to like it very much at all.

And before you say it's out of character, it's not. Molly thought nothing of trying to split up Kirk and Fiz just for the hell of it, remember? It is out of character for Kevin. I really REALLY don't believe he'd go after his best friend/partner's wife. And it wasn't that long ago he was beating up Stapid (Stape-stupid-vapid) for going after his teenage daughter. Molly's not that much older than Rosie! And i don't understand why Molly had to hide in the trunk of a car because Sally was at the door. They weren't doing anything wrong and Molly was just there for the books. (and a flirt)

Sean is always putting his foot in it isn't he? Jason seemed to have to get very drunk to put up with Minnie for the evening but she knew it. Who knew she'd have enough confidence in herself to turn him down for being drunk and looking for a one night stand? Well done Minnie! Tina spent the evening gazing at Jason across the room. Minnie might have been flashing her cleavage for Jason but Tina has quite an impressive cleavage too and Jason seems to like hers better. ooops, though, Mother walking in on you making out! eek! Rosie is throwing more money away. Buying a flash sports car she can't even drive! Luke wasted no time sucking up to her and flattering her about it though.

Of course John decided to see Fiz after her very public display of affection and proposal. He had her right where he wanted her. And i'll tell you. Someone that is truly suicidal and depressed isn't going to snap out of it suddenly and completely just because his girlfriend proposes. I've always believed that John Stape is a passive aggressive weak willed spineless pillock and i stand by that. (The actor, Graeme Hawley, however, is quite good at his job!)

Tyrone needs a good smack up the chops. I know he has a hard time seeing Jack with someone else and he misses Vera dreadfully but he needs to grow up and understand that nobody replaces Vera but Jack needs to have a life beyond her grave. Tyrone is really making a prat of himself and with the photo falling off the shelf, he figures that's Vera and she's not happy. Me? I'd have only said that if the photo fell on Connie's head! Well, he is about to drive Jack right out of the house. I do like Connie, mind you and i think if anyone could be a replacement for Vera, it's her.


Anonymous said...

I thought I had missed something regarding Gary's court case. Everyone was commenting on him not returning with Anna and Eddie...but your recap didn't mention anything either...did we learn what happened with Gary yet? Thanks!

Tvor said...

THey didn't say, though I assume Gary got sent to prison but we don't know for how long. I think we will probably find out on Monday.

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