Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday Comments, April 11

Lines of the week:
  • Stape "Why do you think i became a teacher?" Rosie "Because you're too boring to be an accountant"
  • Ted to David "I'm not ready for a Werther's Original moment just yet"
  • Ramsay "We can't remember if it was Richard or John that succeeded Henry II" Sean "I'm better with Queens, me" (Richard, as it happens).
  • Fiz about John's compensation "Why didn't he tell me?" (hello? not talking to you!)
  • Kelly "I could wear some unsuitable heels and ask daft questions and flick my hair a lot!" (you already do!)
  • Rosie about Fiz (and John) "If anything happens to him she's just going to blame me! It's so unfair!"
  • Tyrone "Call it a sixth sense" Molly "You have trouble with the other five, don't tell me you can read minds now"
  • Sally about Stape "I saw through him from the start!" (starting with after he rejected your advances)

Don't know why Stape aka Prisoner 666 found it difficult to tell Rosie what he wanted to tell her. Why didn't he just get the solicitor to send the letter notifying her? Totally unbelievable. Did we need that scene just to see Rosie's boobs? He wants her to do good with the money. Luke needs money for the factory. Can you connect the very obvious dots? Rosie has money, Luke isn't wasting any time flattering and sucking up. I HATE contrived stuff like this! And for the record? Rosie isn't that intelligent and shouldn't be at university. And John should realize that and is it too late to stop the transaction? No wonder she sees it as compensation, and so she should. But having her flouncing around all smug and even more obnoxious with money in her pocket is going to be excruciating.

And even more pain... Fiz crying into a recorder, whining, sobbing, sucking up to the prison, you name it. Fiz takes drastic action and chains herself to a fence and then threatens to strip. How's she going to do that chained to a fence, i don't know. Blech! I guess she was scared he wanted Rosie again after Rosie wound her up about the visit. Then they told her he was on suicide watch. AGAIN would they really tell her that since she's not related nor on his "to tell" list? And how did she know to talk directly to John through the cctv cameras just at the moment he walked into the governor's office? What i really want to know is why have they totally ruined Fiz Bomb!

Why does Tony have to sleep on the sofa when Michelle is away on tour and Ryan is staying at a mate's? Now Maria's doing his laundry and he's cooking for her. Laughed at Sean having a nightmare about comfy trousers!

Is Kevin actually jealous of Jason, thinking he's after Molly? or is he protective of his mate Tyrone? Jason is too loyal to his friend Tyrone to go after Tyrone's wife. I wonder if the same is true of Kevin? Is Kevin developing a mid-life crisis and getting a crush on Molly? Does he think her flirting just a bit and being all friendly with this running and training means she *likes* him? Whammo. one fluttering eyelash later and Kevin's all over her. Tyrone is more interested in moaning about Jack and Connie's holiday so what's a girl to do? She's having a bit of fun at Kevin's expense and Kevin falls in lust with her? Sorry. I don't buy it.

I love Ted. He's such a Voice of Reason, isn't he? I thought Jack was only gone 2 weeks? Feels like he's been gone a lot longer. Ooohhh General Custard is back! That was the fella that Eileen took a shine to! Oh oh, and Slug aka Neil (Becky's no good ex) is back too! This can only be trouble. He says he's changed. I don't buy that either. Definitely sparks between Jason and Tina. Minnie and Rosie. peas in a pod. Not even enough brains between them to fill a peapod.

Jack is back from Spain and missing his cuppa and a good pint. But very likely where he was is full of English tourists and I bet you could get as good an English fry up there as back in old Blighty. Too bad he had to try to fool Tyrone (and did it badly) when the whole trip was completely innocent. And if he was trying to keep the trip secret, why would he bring back all kinds of souvenirs? I'm sure he and Vera have been to Spain so it's not like it's his first time. Tyrone is going to end up pushing Jack right out the house if he keeps up this attitude.

I'm surprised Becky doesn't know the trendy clubs in town. She's always been a clubber, she and Sean.

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