Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Comments, August 9

Lines of the week:
  • The Gold Star line of the week: Tony "Son... brother... husband...lover... ROADKILL!!! Looks like the best man lost!"
  • Sean 'The stripper is not a sex object!' (no?)
  • Gail wishing she could teach David to drive "left at the lights and straight on to the canal" (and straight into it! Doh!)
  • Pam about the expression "Peeing in the wind"... "Now to most people that's just a metaphor. But to me that's an awful, awful memory" (don't want to know!)
  • Carla about Tony "I'll marry him and we'll live... ever after"
  • Carla to Deirdre "Nothing a bit of lippy wouldn't sort out" Deidre "Now there is something to live your life by"
  • Audrey about the male stripper "It's not like we get a cheap thrill out of it"
  • Steve "It was an accident" (with Tony tossing Liam's wallet into the canal at the same time! Robbery in case it's found)
  • Tony "I just feel responsible" (you ARE!!!)
  • Stape to Rosie "You're not in any danger. And i will let you go" (someday)

OH. MY. GOD. He's dead! Liam, wearing a bullseye on his bright yellow, unmissable jacket, went rolling over a car that sped off, and he's dead and Tony had him killed!!!!!!! Man, that was some good stunt work wasn't it??? Really made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Talk about instant sober-up for the lads! And Maria! Samia Smith played a blinder, I thought. The men were all shocked and when they heard she was pregnant three of them turned around in unison, almost like they were going to be sick. It did look a bit funny, though because they did it at the same time, like the Pips behind Gladys Knight. Kirk is a bit of a pip so i guess that fits ;) Anyway, Tony sure looked shocked too, when he realized Maria was pregnant. I guess it's ok to have someone killed but when there's a baby on the way, that's different? I don't know how both Carla and Michelle could stand it, having both lost husbands to car accidents, Michelle losing both brothers and a husband.

Just to step back a bit though, to the hen party in the Rovers before it all kicked off... Boy you could tell Carla's heart wasn't in it, couldn't you, barely a shell sat there while the stripper undulated in her face even though the older women loved it! Nice little scene outside with her and Deirdre, too. The lads in the pub talking about boxers and Kirk pipes up with Mr. Showmanship, Liberace! Lol! When the men were talking about who's girlfriend would you sleep with, Tony said nobody mentioned Carla, looking straight at Liam and i wonder if Liam finally realized there's an undercurrent there. He seemed clueless all day up to that point. He's getting bladdered and Tony's rubbing it in every chance he gets. Did you catch that bit with the cigarette? Liam said he'd not had one in 13 years and it was only half, then Carla said she'd not had one in 13 years and it was shared. With each other, has to be!

So creepy with them all wearing Tony masks. Really. I thought Tony was going to pay for the club yet he asked Liam for the kitty and then Tony diverted Tom from going back into the road so that Liam would be in the right place at the right time. Meanwhile, Maria is eagerly approaching by taxi, playing the very hopeful "Downtown" Oh god. It was really painful though, going back and forth between the tragedy and the jubilancy in the pub. I don't mind telling you, i was in tears too and i saw it already, last fall in the UK timeline, both when Liam died and when Michelle, or rather Steve told Ryan. Tom, of course, made it all about him, thinking it could have been him. After, Tony still drove the knife in a bit more with Carla and then went to throw Liam's wallet into the drink, taking the money out so if it's found it'll look like a robbery. He took it in the pub so that Liam would have to go back for it! Then he made her go see the grieving widow and listen while he talked to Maria about Liam and her's "love story". AND he pretended he was upset because Liam died in his arms. That is one cold faced rat B@st@rd! I think he has surpassed Richard Hillman, don't you? Now Carla has to make a life with Tony and right now it's the last thing she wants to do. Tony figures it's all over bar the funeral now but yet he followed Carla and Leanne to the spot where Liam died and heard her heart break.

Aw, you know, as much as Maria leans on her friends, there's still nothing like your own family. Kirk has been right there, to hold her when she was shocked and when she cried. Now, Maria's parents managed to come home! They didn't come to the wedding, they didn't come to the funeral of her baby and Maria let them have a good piece of her mind before telling them all about Liam and collapsing in tears in her mum's arms. Samia Smith realy did a good job this week!

Then the other big breaking news of the week, Stape is the one that kidnapped Rosie and what's she doing? Stropping because Stape hasn't bought her the right biscuits. That little kitten has claws and has marked Stape's face.Well that's why he's had to feed the cat that Fiz doesn't seem to have known existed even though she spent a couple of days there after the funeral. You know, Back when he was sleeping with Rosie, his attitude really was "I'ts not my fault, miss, she made me" and he's STILL doing it isn't he? He kidnapped Rosie and yet he won't face that word. Sophie fessed up about the postcards finally, after Stape cornered her. She just wanted attention. She might be 14 but .... she's only 14. Meanwhile, Stape related the whole story for Rosie and us, how he was upset that Fiz dumped him and he blamed it all on Rosie. What did i tell you? It's not my fault, miss. It really is torture you know, no gossip magazines, no television, no mobile and no hair products or makeup! They keep focusing on the window in the roof over the bed. Is she going to escape that way?

John promised to tell Fiz but he bottled it of course. Can't turn down a bit of bedroom olympics when it's offered and anyway. It's not his fault! It's just sickening seeing Fiz swoon all over Stape knowing what a shock she's in for when all this comes out, and it will because it just does. And you know, the discovery of Rosie in John's Gran's attic was the worst part of this storyline. This is as tedious as an extremely tedious thing, listening to John blather on his excuses and Rosie whining about biscuits and celebrity magazines. Now Fiz is taking John away for a week! Good think he brought some supplies that day but she's going to be pretty hungry!

David successfully derailed Amber's plans to um... break the ice as it were but at least Darryl was a gentleman about it. She made up with for it a few days later. But Tina is starting to suspect that her dad is looking cozy with Gail. Pam realizes that Tyrone is the perfect fortune-seller!

Nice little reminiscing with Kevin telling how he met Sally and what she used to be like. And nice scene with Kevin drinking whiskey and singing to the old Cars song Drive, worried about his daughter and probably wondering what his life has become.

You may notice, the actresses that play Carla and Leanne are both pregnant in real life. And the bloke that plays Tony's hit man, Jimmy Dockerson, the mechanic, he's married to Leanne in real life.

Then Dev nearly swallowed his tongue when Prem wanted to talk about something in private...No, he's not found out about Nina shagging his friend, he wants Dev to know it's ok to date his daughter. I'd say his daughter has a bit more of her mother in her than she realizes. Can someone please smack Norris?

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