Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday Comments, August 30

Lines of the week:

  • Tony "It's Maria I'm thinking about" (yeah, right).
  • Blanche to Peter "You're too busy pickling your liver and feeling sorry for yourself"
  • Sally about Tony "Nice to know he can be a decent human being sometimes"
  • Sally about Fiz "He wouldn't be the first nutter with a female sidekick" (or the first man that lied to his girlfriend really well)
  • Sean about Janice "She may be a wrong'un but she's our wrong'un"
  • Sean to Kelly "What's that dripping sound? Oh it's my heart bleeding for you!"
  • Blanche "I cannot ignore the pull of blood" (meaning family, but Simon isn't her blood, technically)

Aww nice scene between Rosie and Sophie wasn't it? Can't blame Fiz for wanting to see John one last time. How can she make any sense of it all? I can understand how people would assume Fiz might have known but surely Rosie knows now that Fiz wasn't involved. She knows that John isn't mad, just lost and desperate. Tony wasn't long getting over there to find out if Rosie is going to stay quiet about what she knows about Carla and Liam. Tony chucked the phone for safekeeping but Rosie wanted her Sim card for her numbers. I'm betting that's where the video was stored too!

But Rosie kept a copy on her *work* computer in a folder called Rosie's Insurance. Yes. That's a great hiding place. She should have put it on her computer at home. We know she has one because Sophie uses it all the time. Much safer. So how come nobody has found it in the 5 weeks she's been gone? Surely Carla and Tony have both had cause to user her computer to get to the files for work. Anyway, Now Sally knows and she managed to get a copy before Tony caught her. At least they added the correct sound effect for removing a memory stick. But it seems Tony is pretty thick when it comes to computers. All Sally did was copy the file and then delete the folder. It's still in the Recycle bin! *sigh* I hate plot holes. It's too bad because the rest of the story is actually pretty good, Tony killing Liam and now trying to keep it quiet.

Funny for all Sally's accusing Fiz, when Fiz was taken in the police car, Sally looked doubtful and Rosie is now sure Fiz is innocent so Sally seems to have relented too. Maria and Fiz are now best friends. Do you remember when they hated each other back when Fiz was going after Tyrone? Anyway, She's brave, having to face John. As she says, she's got to make sense of it all. Poor Fiz. She's right, you know, there's no guarantee he actually would have let Rosie go that day. It could have been one thing after another that delayed it. Fiz, you were burned once, now twice. You might love the man but you can't trust him and he's weak and will only drag you down. He's calling her constantly. Can't she block his number or just not answer?

Janice has had to face the music for the lottery scam as well. She got community service and a lot of angry coworkers. Speaking of money scams, Tony is "borrowing" from Underworld to pay the interest on his investments and hasn't got enough to pay his staff now! After all that, everyone is now speaking to Janice. Cash flow problem, bank error, he's talking all over the place. He's actually just robbing Peter to pay Paul and having to pay the staff a sub out of his own money. And what's Carla going to say when she sees the bank activity going on? At least it's got them all talking to Janice again even if they still get their little digs in.

Peter really doesn't want to be a full time father. At least, not until he found out there was an inheritance involved as well. And, oddly enough, the betting shop is for sale. Coincidence? Meantime, Simon has a new friend, Joshua and Peter is nursing hangover after hangover and Blanche isn't helping, nagging and mithering Peter who's silently counting to ten. But he does feel sorry for himself. Blanche and Simon make a lovely double act don't they? Lol she was teaching how to spell really hard words! Then Peter put his foot in it with Maria, thinking she was still pining for him and was rescued by Janice and a very pretty and single Leanne. It's interesting seeing Peter struggle with sudden fatherhood and is ready to run at the drop of a hat.

Ken is hollering at him for wanting to abandon his son. Pot or Kettle? The circle comes around, doesnt' it? Simon doesn't quite know what to make of Peter but he's still a stranger to the lad as are Ken, Deirdre and Blanche. Peter is ready to give up and he's called a social worker!!! Blanche isn't so sure it's not the right thing to do but Ken is determined to keep the child when, as Blanche points out, it's not about him, it's about Peter. Ken is all very up on making decisions for him and Deirdre when she's not there to give her opinion. Ken is telling Peter that he'll scar the child for life, that Simon will need a sense of who he is, and not to turn his back on his son. I kept waiting for Peter to throw it back in Ken's face. Instead. Ken used it himself but it didn't do much good. Even Blanche had a stern word with Peter (i love those two together!) but what changed his mind? Finding out he inherits Lucy's estate if he keeps the child. Money talks. and Ken immediately gets all over Peter's ass, how does he know Peter's spent the whole inheritance on the betting shop? And accusing Peter of not loving his child? Maybe he doesn't, but he doesn't know him and has never bonded with him. What Peter needs is his father's approval and support and he has never gotten it, even now when, even if Ken doesn't approve of his choices he could still bite his tongue and hope for the best. It's not the worst thing he could have done with the inheritance, and at least it's keeping him and the lad together. It's all contrived so that Peter can buy the betting shop but i don't mind. I like Peter and i like the actor!

Pam's schemes have dragged Molly in with the posh meal that she's engineered, pretending to be sampling the food for the wedding. Dan doesn't look too keen to be going on holiday with Kelly does he? Oh god Tara's back to try to lure Dev back. Why on earth is she jealous of him having fun with Eileen? She comes across as very immature and demanding. If Dev is trying to keep Tara away, and he lied in the first place to break off with her, why didn't he just lie and say he did go off her? Because, of course, there would be no storyline if he did that. Now they're back together, lip to lip. Bleurgh.

Tony must have invested a huge amount in the new flats if he's concerned about how many of them have sold. He's acting like he's the owner of the whole development. Hayley's back on Monday! Roy's so thoughtful, isn't he? Fiz hasn't been going in to work since the upset but she planned to go back. Except now she has to run off to South Africa. Why? Check out the storyline summary of the South Africa adventures of Chesney, Kirk, Fiz and Cilla. (Point of continuity, Cilla made the phone call to Fiz in the nighttime yet Fiz took the call in the morning. I don't think there's that much of a time difference between the two places, it's not like it's Australia!)

So Fiz is off to South Africa. To find out what happens, check out the episode summary that appears after this in the blog.

So this is Giles the accountant. He looks like a number cruncher. David's back and he was jealous in seconds! Passed his driving test while in London too. Miracle! David's cellmate from the youth prison has turned up, Graeme and he's only been out of jail 5 minutes and he's nicking cars. David couldn't resist taking Tina for a ride and in the meantime, Joe and Gail think they have the house to themselves. Busted!!! Neither David nor Tina are too happy about their parents snogging! (and more!)

Sun factor 5 sunscreen for Chesney! LOL he's right, he'll dry up and blow away under the South African sun. Gail is certainly a lot calmer these days now she's getting laid! Now how secret is their affair if they're taking Streetcars around town? Liz is Brazilian crunching for her new exercise regime.

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