Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday Comments, August 2

Lines of the week:
  • Dev to Nina "I'm a single man. Therefore I am free to ogle"
  • Carla about Michelle "She spends more time in the mirror than Simon Cowell" (doesn't want to be upstaged by the bridesmaid!)
  • Michelle to Steve and Becky "You pair of skivers" (says she who is hardly ever behind the bar doing the job she's paid to do)
  • Tony to Carla "If i'm going to spend the rest of my life with you, i'm going to have to learn to embrace chaos"
  • Carla to Michelle about Paul "You didn't have to live with him" (um. brother...sister... they do tend to live together at least when young)
  • Michelle to Carla "I know you loved my brother" (both of them!)
  • Liam "At least we'll feel alive" (*choke*)

This week, Tony seems to have a plan of revenge in the lead up to his and Carla's wedding. Rosie is still missing, and Becky's lies snare Steve well and truly.

Liam really is coming onto Carla big time. She turned on the tap and he's not about to shut it off. But she let him in again, didn't she? A few days before she is supposed to marry Tony and that wedding dress hit the floor after all, with Liam's help. Tony nearly caught Liam and Carla too, but though they barely got their clothes back on, you'd think the bed will look, um, used and everyone all sweaty and stuff.

So the stag do. Didn't you find everyone in Tony mask creepy? As filled with rage as Tony is, i think he was actually looking forward to a day with the lads, drinking and playing paintball. (and putting a revenge plan in place). He could pretend he actually had friends! Almost every one of the attendees could not be considered a friend and some of them were downright baffling. Steve? Lloyd? Ryan? KIRK??? Tom's a hanger-on because of Liam. Jason was Tony's lacky. Dev??? Cause... he bought a flat from the building Tony invested in? A fellow business owner? I dunno. With Tony and Liam throwing veiled threats and implications at each other all day, did Liam really not catch on? Laughed at Kirk having a tiger painted on his face as opposed to flag themes like everyone else. I bet Tony wishes there had been something more powerful in that gun other than paint when he shot a run of splatters over Liam's chest. No matter. There are other ways. By the end of the paintball it was sure obvious that Liam just didn't want to be there. The last showdown didn't last long either, they spent so much time bickering the lads caught up and spattered them!

So on to the drinking and the curry. It's disturbing that Liam has a target on the yellow hoodie he was wearing. Poor Kirk, what a lightweight. Face down in the curry before they even got out of the restaurant and to the club!

And Carla... She's not got friends either. Leanne is the closest thing to one and she and Maria have no love lost. Michelle is or was family but i never thought they had much of a rapport either. And nobody noticed Carla and Liama kept running out to moon over each other? Carla's shell cracked, and she confided in Leanne and Leanne, pragmatic as ever, says go for it, since happiness is a fleeting thing, bugger what anyone else thinks. And Carla was convinced too until she found out Maria was pregnant. Rightly so, she knew Liam wouldn't walk away from that no matter what. She told him it was over even though her heart was breaking, with a soundtrack from a tragic opera in the background. You got to hand it to Carla. She's a good liar. So how will this all end? Monday and Tuesday are NOT to be missed!

Becky's escapades only served to get her into trouble with the cops and the cop in charge knows her from days gone by. What does she do? Well she *did* say Steve saved her life so she just picked that up and ran with it. Just when Steve and Michelle are getting back on track, Becky puts him in a very awkward spot by saying she was with him and they're having an affair. Oh crap. And the cop isn't going to let it go either, he keeps putting them both on the spot.

Pam cracked me up! Bemoaning the smoking ban in pubs which would disguise the fire-damaged shirt packaging and then making a cryptic remark about peeing into the wind. She's still badgering Tyrone to help her sell her dodgey gear and working on his guilt to save up for a nice wedding for Molly.

Ok, Teresa wants to work in the kebab shop, and get rid of Tina and Tina needs a new job. Convenient, eh? Actually, i liked it when Rita worked with Leanne all those years ago, a young woman under her wing and Tina is every bit as sparky as Leanne was at her age. John's still banging on about that damn cat.

Rosie's sending postcards???? That gets Sally out of the way for a bit, searching for Rosie. In the meantime, Sophie is getting more and more ticked off because Rosie has thrown the whole family into an uproar and she's getting even less of a look in than usual. And lo and behold, there's a postcard threatening Sophie. But I have a funny feeling it really is a hoax, designed to give Sophie a little more attention.

Now Janice has to contend with her legal troubles too. She kept Leanne's name out of it, but you know Leanne is just an ungrateful cow. I don't think Janice's friends are going to forgive her quite as soon as they usually do this time. Dan certainly put two and two together and came up with four as well and that's another relationship down the tube.

Dev flirting hard with Tara and Nina doesn't like it one little bit. I don't blame Amber for being a bit weirded out though. Tara isn't all that much older than she is. And Dev has a daughter older than Tara, doesn't he?

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