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Corrie Canada weekly awards for Dec. 4 - 8

Unlikely Couple: Moira and Colin. Dev and Gina

Ostrich Award: Robert always was good at burying his head in the sands of a casino when things got rough. Now he's lost a bucketload of money.

Inspector Clouseau award: Gemma has made a poster for the shop windows to try to find Henry!

Blast from the past: The bistro still has enough olives to cater 100 Greek funerals!

Lines of the Week:
Norris "Don't apologize. She stole my blood!" Moira "And now you're baying for mine!"
Norris to Colin "Your cup is always half full whereas mine is half empty and invariably chipped"
Moira "I am undone by Cupid!"
Sally to Gina "What did they do? Dangle a chequebook or was it 30 pieces of silver?"
Dev "You have so much to offer, it feels like you've never had a break" Gina "Well...That's how the mop flops, eh?"
Mary to Jude "You're a traveler, a free spirit. You're idea of 'not far' might be Belgium"
Jude to Mary "Stop being such a drama queen. That's Norris's job!"
Tracy "Kirk! You're a genius! And that is a sentence I never thought I'd hear myself say"
Tracy "I'd hate being a zombie. Too much walking" Mary "You'd be eating brains and you're worried about too much walking?"

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sunday Comments December 10

Facing a cancer diagnosis is certainly scary and everyone reacts differently. For Robert, it's lie and go for a ride on that new bike over the cobbles which, in his physical state, is only going to add to the pain he was already in. He ended up admitting to Michelle he lied and that he's afraid. I guess that's something. He's seriously in denial.

Robert's going to have the tissue removed sooner than later and that's scary, too, but I don't think there's a need to let all and sundry know just yet. Then Chesney gave him back most of the compensation money he got after being stabbed in the Bistro. Robert does what Robert always does, try to retreat to a casino but he gets distracted. back at the restaurant, Daniel is still in a mood and wasn't pleased to see Chesney there offering to help out. That's a set up.

Robert takes his newly found cash to church, instead, where we find Billy who's flogging his soul and his conscience. Boy, is Billy shocked when he sees what Robert put in the charity box! Billy gave it back in public at the Bistro so Chesney knows what he's done with it and everyone gets more and more concerned until Robert blurts out that he might have testicular cancer. There. are you all happy now?

Robert continues to avoid his own health problems by becoming a workaholic in the days running up to the operation. He's determined to give Chesney back the cash, though Chesney doesn't want to take it. Since that's the case, Robert does what Robert does when he's under pressure. Gambles. And he takes Johnny with him but Johnny can't stop Robert from losing everything by using his business card from the Bistro.

Johnny leaves Robert to eventually lose 10,000K against the Bistro bank account. Robert tells Michelle he only lost 100 but he's snapping at everyone and later we see him looking at his online banking where he a withdrawal of 10,100 has nearly eaten up all his available overdraft. If she has any access to the accounts now she's a partner, then it's not going to be a secret very long.

Robert's possible cancer diagnoses is also spreading as Tracy overhears Johnny telling Michelle he mentioned it at the poker game so now she knows, though she's quite shocked at the prospect.

Michelle talks to Robert about a holiday in the Maldives in January. He, of course, knows he can't afford it so keeps trying to put her off. She wants to go to the cash and carry so asks for the business card. He puts her off. The more she hints about the travel agency, the more he deflects. They've only just got the Bistro back on its feet, Robert protests. Daniel and Zeedan think she should book it anyway.

Later Michelle sends Robert home to get sorted for the hospital op tomorrow. She shows Daniel and Zeedan another holiday offer she's found and they think she should book it. She goes ahead and books it, hoping the holiday will take his mind off things. She goes back to the flat to show him the booked holiday. He's not best pleased. He tells her his recovery could take months. She's disappointed but tells him there's no cancellation fee. He tells her they'll book something even better once he's recovered.

Someone has made a reservation at the Bistro in Denise Osbourne's name and it's thrown Daniel for a loop. Is it real or is it Memorex? (that reference will take a few of you back some years!) Chesney looks smug, though, so it was likely something Tracy did on his behalf. Chesney was quite pleased to see Daniel off kilter.

That reservation under Denise's name really did a number on Daniel but now he's spied Adam doing some investigation regarding Billy and a crime. Surely not? Will the journalist radar kick in? It will indeed. Daniel went right to Billy who brushes him off.

Billy is freaking out because Daniel seems to have found out what he did in his past and tells Todd and Adam about it. He really doesn't want this to get out, he'll lose everything. Adam promises he'll sort Daniel out though all he does at this point is warn Daniel that using private legal papers is only going to get him in big legal trouble.

Billy is staring off into his conscience while Summer chats idly about her history project. Todd is surprised she's actually enjoying school. Summer corrects him, History. And she's not being picked on anymore, someone else has taken the baton on that front. Todd tells Billy to put himself together and leave the past in the past. He's having difficulty doing that.

Adam tells Todd that the police would have been in touch by now if they wanted to investigate Billy's past any further. They discuss Billy's state of mind, being overwhelmed by his conscience. Todd takes a call from Toyah who tells him Billy is getting drunk in the pub and goes over to fetch him home. Todd promises to prove that nothing happened as a result of the accident, he's got a private investigator on the case. Daniel, on a quest for his phone charger, overhears Todd on the phone with said investigator, the tail end of a confidential conversation though Billy's name is not mentioned. No charger found, Daniel leaves but is clearly intrigued at what he may or may not have overheard.

Todd gets a scan of a newspaper headline, it recalls a car crash with local woman Susan Barlow killed. (mind you, I recall Susan was not local at that time, she lived in Newcastle) Todd realizes there was a fatality from the car crash that Billy was involved with. Now what? does he tell Billy and make him feel even worse or does he lie? Even more so, does he tell Adam that Billy was responsible for the death of his mother? Todd lies to Billy. No fatalities. Billy's relief is huge. Todd reiterates the necessity of looking to the future now.

When Summer gets home after school, it's clear that Todd and Billy have been enjoying an afternoon in bed. Billy is full of the joys of life but Todd decides to go back to work. They'll all go out for tea later, though and Summer has time to do her homework first.

In the office, Todd and Adam talk about Summer and things they did as kids to wind up their parents. Meanwhile, Billy and Summer are at the Bistro waiting for Todd who shows up a bit later. Daniel makes a remark about Todd's "grisly" cases which makes Billy look at Todd sharply and he keeps hovering, making pointed remarks, making Todd snap at him. Todd gives Daniel a warning but Daniel says he's just trying to be friendly.

At home, Todd and Summer start a game of chess until she's sent off to bed. Billy questions Todd about the investigator. He knows when Todd is scared and lying. Todd admits there was a fatality. Billy is crushed. Todd reminds him that he wasn't driving but Billy still takes responsibility because he didn't try to get help. Billy is gutted to find out the identity of the woman that died. Peter's twin sister. Adam's mother.

Strong stuff between Sally and Gina. There's a lot of disappointment and maybe Sally has done the right thing asking Gina to get out. Sometimes you can only support someone so much. I suppose Gina depended on Sally and had no reason to stand on her own two feet. I know she was trying but committing fraud wasn't the way to do it. But she must have hit the right sympathy buttons because Dev invited her to stay for awhile. I like that Mary cautioned him. Meanwhile, Rosie plans to do damage limitation with the photographer.

Now Sally has to bear the embarassment of her business all over the newspaper. Now, did Rosie get a chance to intervene with the photographer and that's where all the details came from? Sally assumes automatically that it was Gina but no, it was indeed Rosie. Gina tries to leave Dev and he's left with an explanation of how it feels. He feels used and I don't think she meant to do that. They ended up talking it through in a really nice scene.

Dev is pleased that Gina's made a go at the market stall selling her goods (with Izzy's help). She even has enough to give Dev and Sally both a bit of money against what she owes. He's very kind to her and later she and Sally share a laugh over a drink. Dev seems to be drawn to Gina and wants to help her and with that in view, he gives Sally a cheque for the balance of the loan that Gina owes.

Dev is full of the spirits of "loved up" the next day while Norris is finding the early mornings a little tough to get used to again, especially with a fractious baby in the house! The "Dream Team" is back behind the Kabin counter and all is well. So who is inviting people to the Bistro? We'll see. Meanwhile, Gina has got started on her blinging up second hand clothes business for a market stall. I don't know. Could work I suppose.

Pat is starting to splash cash around, ostensibly due to the insurance from the house fire. First lot goes to Billy and the church, right under Anna's nose in the cafe. He's still Mr. Manipulator isn't he? Promising not to tell Sarah that Gary got Nicola pregnant and pretending he'll sort out Seb on the accusations towards Anna. I don't believe a word.

In the Bistro later, we find out what's going on with the notes. Sarah's received one as well as has a number of other people that got scammed with the flat project. And Heeeere's Phelan. He's pretending he's had an insurance payout from the fire when we viewers know it's the money he got from Vinny. Regardless, he's giving a portion to all the people he's invited. It's not all they lost but it's something and it keeps him looking good, too, doesn't it? But Todd doesn't trust him and he's suspicious.

Gary wonders if Phelan really has changed but Anna figures he's up to something somewhere. Anna changes her tune completely and is very nice to Phelan in the wake of his refunding cash to the punters. She even invites him in for a drink during which she says she thinks maybe he has changed and he says all the right things, too. But when she offers to help him find Nicola, she offers him a deal first. Tell her why he's setting her up for Seb's fall. Of course, he pretends he has no idea what she's talking about and that pushes her shrieking harpy button. She screams at him to get out. I do hope wee Jack wasn't trying to sleep upstairs. He walks out, chuckling and she fetches her phone which was recording the conversation.

Phelan goes to see Seb who's still at Sally's. He's there to pour some more poison and tells him Anna probably did push him. He saw Anna head into the solicitor's office and looked angry and tells Seb that Anna's earring was found at the office. He really pours it on until Seb seems to question himself, the desired result. The next thing we see is Anna leaving a message for Gary. There's a knock on the door and it's the police. She's being arrested and she is dragged out of the house and shoved into the police car screaming that she didn't do it. Seb and Phelan watch from across the road, Seb hoping he's done the right thing.

Tim and Gary talk about Anna. No bail hearing yet. Gary is sure Phelan is behind all of it but doesn't quite know how he's managed to talk Seb into pressing charges. In prison, Anna is brought tea and toast and asks if she can make a call. Seb explains to Faye how he remembered what Anna did after Phelan helped him. Roy and Faye agree that Anna is not capable but he continues to persuade her. He gives her something to think about.

In prison, Anna is pacing up and down the interview room while her duty solicitor tries to get her to focus but she's ranting about Phelan and accusing him of all sorts. All she wants to do is get Anna bailed. She's advised to stay silent during the hearing.

Gary, Kevin, Tim and Faye are waiting in the cafeteria at the courthouse for the hearing to start. Faye confronts them with the evidence of the earring but later, Gary defends his mother and believes her that Phelan was the one that left the evidence. Faye is questioning everything. Gary is upset that she could turn on her mother after everything her mother has done for her. At home, Phelan tells Eileen that once he and Seb put their heads together and Seb remembered more, they had to report it. Eileen still isn't so sure Anna is capable of doing something like that.

At the hearing, the solicitor asks for leniency from the judge for Anna's bail but the severity of the charge and the intention of harming a minor, Anna is not going to get bail. Anna tells Faye she loves her and asks Gary to look after Faye for her before she's taken away.

Back on the Street, we find out that Seb is moving in with Eileen. Faye wants to go with him but Gary won't let her be under the same roof as Phelan. Eileen will let her stay for today. Tim allows it because Eileen will keep an eye out for her. Up the street, Kevin has to explain to Jack that it's a big mistake that Anna has been accused.

Anyone that refers to themself in the third person gets nothing but mockery and contempt from me. I hate Colin and never saw the point of him. If all of it was to suggest he might be the son of Norris, it certainly wasn't engineered properly. Moira got sacked for her breech of confidentiality and rightly so. I guess the doctor isn't scared of her anymore. As for Norris, he was in Darlington but he was in a car accident. No other fling involved. Norris is flattered at the idea but Colin and Moira both ended up on a positive note. She's going to leave town with him and he's selling the Kabin back to Norris and all is as it should be again. And so Colin and Moira are off to Stoke-on-Trent and leave us all scratching our heads in their wake. She was a great character so I guess 50/50 odds aren't bad. Thank heavens that storyline is over!!!

Gemma spots an open invitation to a party in a posh part of town and starts straight off nicking ornaments and drinking straight from the bottle and she catches the eye of a handsome man right away. He's Henry but nicknamed "Newt" and she got spooked by a police car and ran off like Cinders after the ball, leaving her shoes behind. The next day, Gemma aka Jemima is gushing over Henry and rightly so. He was rather gushable, wasn't he?

Gemma went back to the house where the party was and did not get a very happy reception from the owners who were away at the time when their children had the party. Now she's got a wanted poster up in the Kebab shop window to find Henry! Except Brian has pulled them all down. Later at the cafe, Norris assured Gemma that Brian doesn't have any authority to arrest her for posting flyers but he does think finding Henry is a lost cause. Cathy comforts her.

A young man comes in the Kabin. He reckons newsagents are a good place to ask for information. Norris is more concerned that the man purchase something. It's Henry, and he buys some chewing gum. He asks after Jemima, sweet, lovely laugh. Norris thinks anyone named Jemima would be too posh for that neighbourhood. But just as Henry is about to leave, Norris calls him back.

Next time we see Gemma, she's in the pub and Liz is chuckling about Gemma leaving her shoe behind. Apparently this is nothing new, she's always leaving things like her phone or her pants behind (!) Norris comes in with Henry behind him. Gemma leaps into his arms joyfully! Liz tells Norris she recognizes Henry from somewhere. Henry and Gemma make plans to do something the next day but he's off back to work for now. Before he goes he tells Liz and Toyah it's a fantastic little boozer they have. Norris inquires about the reward that the poster offered and gets his face kissed enthusiastically all over for his troubles. Liz remembers who Henry is. He's Henry Newton of Newton and Ridley fame. He's loaded!

Mary is still persona non grata with Jude and Angie and poor Norris is in the middle. But Sally overheard Jude in the clinic and started to pull strings to get Angie bumped up in a queue for a councillor and then Sally let slip to Mary that Angie has post natal depression, something that never occurred to Mary.

Mary feels terrible that Jude and Angie didn't tell her about the post-natal depression. She's come for advice but Norris doesn't think they'd take any further interference well. Later, Jude and Angie aren't pleased to see Mary outside the florist shop but although they all exchange glances, none of them says anything to the other. Jude tells Angie he'll bring a chippy tea home and sends her off. But Sally stops Angie on the street to talk about her condition and her attempts to help but Angie gets angry that Sally's stuck her nose in and also that Jude apparently told her about it in the first place. Mary trots over when she sees Angie getting upset and defends Angie, sending Sally on her way. She does get to apologize to Angie though Angie then just walks away. Later, though, Jude and Angie find Mary at the pub with Tracy and apologize to her as she does to them.

Jude has brought George to see Mary at Number 7. She's still upset over what she'd done. He promises he'll stick around. He says Angie is ok with it. They're going to view some rentals and asks if she can have George. She will, of course, but has to take him in to the shop with her. Looks like everyone has made up for now. Later in the shop, George seems just a bit fussy but that could be the flowers in his hair that Mary has added. Beth and Kirk are there and they chat about being new mothers, the ups and downs. Beth loved being a new mum because of the pressies, maternity leave and other benefits. Tracy comes in and is disconcerted by all the people there but when Kirk mentions how expensive baby photos are when they involve flowers and props, Tracy calls him a genious.

Now she's decided to offer a photo service. Kirk and Beth have come to the bistro to ask if Robert will post flyers once the business is up and running. Robert is more concerned with persuading the flower shop Christmas party venue to be the Bistro. He's really drumming for business.

Mary returns to the flower shop later to find Tracy singing at the top of her voice and joins her in finishing the song. They then discuss enjoying a television program that sounds a bit grim with intestines and survival. Walking Dead, maybe? Apparently Norris is intrigued by the survivalist aspect at least. Mary then takes a call from Jude who tells her that George is ill again and has to stay overnight. Mary keeps offering to help in any way she can but Jude wants her to leave it and he'll keep her informed.

Later she tells Dev about it all and he offers to take her to the hospital but she honours Jude's wishes and says she'll text him about having flowers in the baby's hair, maybe it's hay fever or something? Dev finds Mary back at home. She's fretting, not having heard anything yet. Dev tries to distract her but she's not distracted though appreciates Dev's hand of supportive friendship.

I guess Bethany's not staying in Italy forever after all. Did you catch Sarah telling Gary that she was coming back next week? In other dating news, Peter has set up a profile up for Steve in several dating websites to see what a montage of the perfect woman looks like for him. And that perfect woman looks a lot like Tracy Barlow!!!

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Why Gemma and Henry could be classic Corrie gold

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog November 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

One of the highlights of Coronation Street, for this fan, right now is the Gemma and Henry storyline. Henry, or 'Newt' as he's known to his friends, will of course turn out to be Henry Newton.  

And if that name sounds familiar, then it should.  

Henry Newton is heir to the Newton part of the Newton & Ridley brewery who supplies the beers to all the best backstreet pubs in the Manchester area, the Rovers Return included.

But Gemma doesn't know this yet. She has no idea who Henry is, only that she fancies him. And he fancies her. What's not to like?

Well, the previews already tell us that Liz will be the one to rain on Gemma's parade when she tells her who her new fella is. Gemma goes into a slump, thinking that she's nowhere near good enough for Newt.

I say, give it time and let's hope Gemma and Newt end up behind the bar of the Rovers together. Now wouldn't that be something? Gemma as the new Bet Lynch!

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Coronation Street Blog celebrates 10 years online

Thursday December 7th 2017 was the 10th anniversary of the Coronation Street Blog. As you may recall, that's our sister blog without which we would not exist here on the Bluenose Corrie Blog. Most of our content was originally published there aside from a few original articles such as our weekly Sunday Comments and awards). We filter out the spoilers for Canadians.

They've been online 10 whole years. 10 years of supporting Coronation Street. 10 years of suffering through the bad bits, laughing along at the good bits. 10 years of building up an active community of Coronation Street fans on th'interweb.

Thank you - to every single person - who reads, leaves comments and of course, blogs there. It's a team effort, it always has been and always will be.

Find out all about our team.

Find out more about us and read about our achievements.

Will there be 10 more years of the Coronation Street Blog?  Ah, now there's a question...


And I hope you don't mind another plea for votes...
please vote for us in the UK Blog Awards 2018

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(This post was originally posted by Scott Willison on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

So.  Vic Reeves.  What was all that about then?

I'll say up front: I consider Vic Reeves/Jim Moir to be a comic genius.  Separately and together Reeves and Mortimer have reduced me to tears of laughter on many occasions.  So I was excited to hear he would have an extended guest stint on the show.  He's a talented, funny actor, and since he was unwilling to commit to a permanent role, absolutely get him in to mix things up a bit.

But something went wrong en route.  What was the point of Colin, in the end?  He appeared, slightly sinister, slightly creepy, smarming over Mary and Norris at the Mr & Mrs contest and hinting that he'd rig it in their favour... for some reason.  He then followed them to Coronation Street where, through manipulation, he encouraged Rita and Norris to sell the Kabin and the flat... for some reason.  After he took over, he turned out to be claiming multiple employees for tax purposes... for some reason.  Eventually, he got it into his head he was Norris's son... for some reason.  Which caused him to sell everything back and run off to Stoke with Moira, a woman he'd known for about a week... oh, you get the idea.

None of it made sense.  This wasn't a character arc, it was a rollercoaster of stuff.  Stuff happened with Colin, stuff that was entirely unrelated to one another, and then everything moved on.  Was he a villain?  Was he a funny character?  He was a little of both, but no good at either.

If you're going to have a big star make a lengthy guest appearance, plan it out.  You've got eight weeks of Jim Moir - you should know what he's there for, who he's going to affect, and how he's leaving.  It's going to attract publicity and people who might not otherwise watch the show; have the guest character's appearances reflect the absolute best of Corrie.  Make him the funniest the show's been; make him the most dramatic the show's been.  Make him something.  Otherwise it's a waste of everyone's time.

How about Colin suspected from the start that Norris was his dad?  That would explain why he wanted the competition to go in his favour.  He wanted to buy the Kabin so that his long-lost dad could finally retire.  It'd give him a reason to doggedly pursue this particular newsagents' over any other newsagents' in the world.  After weeks of investigating and searching, he finally confronts Norris, finds out the memorable time in Darlington he hinted about was a hospital stay, and skulks off, embarrassed.  The same basic parts of what happened during Colin's tenure, but, and here's the difference, it's underpinned by character and with a motivation that actually makes some kind of sense.

The show did this very well before.  Ian McKellen came in with a character who affected the lives of the residents, unfurled new facets to his character without dominating the show, and was then driven out of the Street for good, dramatic reasons.  He didn't just say "oh, Norris isn't really my dad?  In that case I'll sell the shop back to him and return to Stoke."

I'm not sure if there was a plan for Colin that was somehow derailed, a plotline that was abandoned for some reason, causing him to be lost in rewrites.  I hope there was.  Because the alternative is that the show just didn't know what it was doing.

By @merseytart

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Happy 57th Birthday to Coronation Street

It's Friday, December 9th 1960 and Coronation Street takes to the air for the very first time.  

It's broadcast live, bringing a whole new era to television and to British culture.

And here we are, 57 years later, and Coronation Street goes from strength to strength.

Happy 57th birthday, Coronation Street!  And many more (Rovers) returns.

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Connor McIntyre: "My future on the show is in doubt"

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog November 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In the fantastic Inside Soap Yearbook 2018 there's an interview with Connor McIntyre, who plays Corrie baddie Pat Phelan.

Connor talks about the last year as Phelan in Coronation Street. It's been a year in which he married Eileen Grimshaw, his daughter Nicola turned up and he was revealed to be keeping Andy locked in the cellar. He's also killed two men! Quite a year, and Connor says "it's been a stellar year for me and a fantastic year for Phelan too."

However, now that Phelan has crossed the line surely it will be only a matter of time before his evil deeds catch up with him?

Connor says: "I find myself asking what happens to a person once they realise a problem can be solved his way - does that then become a default position? I haven't seen much further up the road for Phelan but I imagine it will get darker. Let's put it this way - I think my long-term future on the show is in serious doubt!"

The Inside Soap Yearbook 2018 takes a look back at the world in soap over the last 12 months and teases ahead to the next few months too. It's in the shops now and it's well worth a read. (This magazine does sell in Canada so keep an eye out for it in coming weeks on retail shelves locally)

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Conversation Street 282

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the  episodes that aired up to last night's Canadian Corrie can be heard here.

Bit of a rough week for Robert, really - one minute he's being knocked down by a car, the next he's being told he's likely got testicular cancer. And does Michelle ease off on her nagging throughout it all? Of course not! Speaking of shrieking harpies, Anna gets dragged off by the cops again this week thanks to some masterful manipulation by Phelan, plus we say goodbye to Colin and Moira. After Street Talk, we're joined by Maggie Sullivan, the author of the recently released Christmas On Coronation Street novel. Maggie talks about how she went about expanding Elsie Tanner's back story, and we launch a competition to win one of five copies of the book. There's a Jennie jungle update in The Kabin, plus we congratulate Sarah Lancashire on her OBE, then round things off with some listener feedback.

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Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

(This post was originally posted by Scott Willison on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

GAIL IS ON TWITTER.  Forget every other plotline this week; this was the big one.  GAIL POTTER-TILSLEY-PLATT-HILLMAN-PLATT-MCINTYRE-RODWELL IS ON THE SOCIALS.  I really wish this was true.  There are a bunch of tedious "parody" accounts for Gail - as there seemingly is for every single character in the show - but I want one with a blue tick.  I'd follow her in a heartbeat.  I hope she hasn't made the rookie mistake of using her real name as her Twitter handle; let's face it, @gailrodwell is going to look pretty silly in a couple of years when she marries, oh I don't know, Dirk.  In the meantime, Gail, follow me; I'll help you negotiate the fake news and the trolls and we can livetweet Strictly together.

Kevin is a fashion icon.  For nigh-on thirty years Kevin Webster has favoured a charcoal grey blouson whenever he left the house.  I'm not sure what it's made of - asbestos and unicorn mane, judging by its hardiness - but the other residents of the Street have finally noted its strong style and have begun copying him.  First up, Dev, appearing in Friday's episode in a jacket that looked suspiciously familiar.  By next week, Rosie will have done a photoshoot for moxy! wearing nothing but the jacket, and then TopShop will be full of them for spring.

Robert definitely wasn't in a private room in the hospital, honest.  The problem with every other plotline on Corrie resulting in a hospital visit is that the audience is becoming awfully familiar with the set.  I'm considering using that big red Accident and Emergency sign as my Christmas card this year, as I've seen it more often than my own family.  As a way to try and counter this, in Wednesday's episode they tried to pretend Robert was in a ward rather than the usual private room by having an old man leaving just as Michelle arrived.  It didn't work, and instead created intrigue as we wondered who he was, and what exactly he wanted with Robert.  You may as well just expand the set and turn it into a ward; at this rate, half the cast will be in hospital at any one time, so it'll be well used.

Sally now shops at the Co-op.  The presence of actual, real-life shopping bags in Corrie represents a seismic shift.  For years Freshco has existed as the default supermarket, but the relaxation of product placement laws means we now have Mayor Metcalfe using a real-world shop.  Is the Co-op closer?  Has Freshco been closed down by the Health Inspectors?  Did Reg Holdsworth return as manager, and so everyone is shopping on the other side of town just so they don't have to see his gnomish face every day?  It's a little disturbing to see, to be honest, and a fracture in the world of Weatherfield.   Not least since, as we discovered with the Nationwide cash machine in Dev's, or Liz suddenly taking Visa contactless payments in the Rovers, the minute the deal ends the show pretends it never happened.  Six months of everyone banging on about the dividends at the Co-op, then, for some reason, they'll all just start shopping at Freshco again.

Watching people play cards is really boring.  If you are actually in the room, fair enough.  Maybe if you've followed every trick and hand.  But interminable shots of Robert whacking down a pair of jacks, only to lose another stack of chips, are not even slightly interesting.  When Casino Royale did this, they spiced things up with a couple of fights and poisonings between hands.  Perhaps think about that next time Robert goes down the casino, Corrie; pause after the first hand for Robert to beat up an African war lord in a stairwell.  Hey, if you play it right, you can get another hospital scene out of it!

Seriously, Gail, follow me:  @merseytart 

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