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Amanda Barrie interview: Being loved as Alma

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There's a wonderful interview with Amanda Barrie in which she talks about how being in her 80s isn’t stopping her living life to the full

She’s still working and has recently appeared on The Baby Boomers’ Guide To Growing Old, BBC’s fly-on-the-wall documentary, The Real Marigold Hotel and Holby City.

The interview in The Glasgow Evening Times is well worth a good read. It outlines Amanda's history from when she first shot to fame in the 60s in the Carry On films, through her marriage to Robin Hunter and then again to Hilary Bonner in 2014.

Speaking about her sexuality, Amanda says this: “It was difficult when I was on Coronation Street. I was always worrying it would come out, because at that time, there were people there who might not have been prepared to work with me. It’s changed so much in 16 years – I watched Corrie the other night and virtually everyone seemed to be gay!"

Read our blogger Graeme's interview with Amanda Barrie

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5 Things we Learned in Corrie This Week

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

It's been another cracking week in Coronation Street this week. Time then, to take a look at 5 things we learned in Corrie this week.

Memorial plates for a rare breed otterhound exist.  Can't think why Sally wasn't overjoyed that Gina had bought one.

Steve McDonald once had a thing for TV AM Weather Girl Wincey Willis. He even wrote love letters to her.

Not only is he the most handsome man in soap but actor Daniel Brocklebank, aka Billy the vicar Mayhew, can actually sing!

The contrast in colour between Gemma's face (where she's plastered in orange make-up), and her neck, (where she's not) increases each time this wonderful character is seen on screen.

Not even being stabbed by a broken bottle in a drug dealer's hand and having his life saved by his love rival Daniel can make Chesney interesting. Now, I like Ches. But he needs a proper storyline, please.

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Conversation Street Podcast 262

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the  episodes that aired up to last night's Canadian Corrie can be heard here.

This week on the podcast, Chesney runs into the business end of a broken bottle, thanks to a drugged up Rich in the Bistro and Daniel saves his life. Eva's revenge campaign takes to the streets with a vengeance. Bethany gets bad news. Adam and Todd start up the law business. Billy and Todd crash Drew's funeral and later make plans to make a home of their own. Summer and Todd have a conversation. Jenny finds out the truth and she and Johnny reconcile.

Remember, you can also listen to Conversation Street on iTunes (leave a fab review if you do!)

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Corrie Highlights

(This post was originally posted by Sophie Williams on the Coronation Street Blog in July 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In the last couple of weeks, it's struck me just how much more I enjoy watching Corrie now than I did a few months ago. Don't get me wrong, I never missed an episode but it felt like something was missing. I can't put my finger on it but recently, for me, that Corrie spark we all know and love full of humour and gripping storylines has definitely returned.

As Corrie gears up to get its summer storylines underway, the episodes seem to have a bit more going on in them. This last week in particular has been phenomenal, I've not wanted the episodes to end. From Eva's revenge to bloodshed in the Bistro, there's just the right balance of gripping tension and witty one-liners. I've made a little list of my highlights from this week, beginning 3rd July, and to be honest it was hard to whittle it down. I've done my best though and I hope you agree!

Eva's Revenge

The whole Aidan/Maria/Eva love triangle scenario was starting to wear thin with me. As with every soap, affair storylines have been repeated time and time again and just as I'd decided I'd had enough, bunny boiler Eva stepped out onto the cobbles with her designer handbag in one hand, Aidan's credit card nicely placed in the other.

I cannot express my love for Eva in revenge-mode enough. This week we saw Leanne step aboard the revenge train and my first highlight for this week, and this storyline in fact, was the purchase of the pink Range Rover. Now that couldn't have come cheap but the look on Aidan's face was priceless.

Adam and Todd's Law Firm

Way back in the beginning of the year, Corrie introduced us to the idea of Todd Grimshaw and Adam Barlow opening their own law firm, read my previous blog about that here. I always thought this was a stroke of genius but I was disappointed when it went down the pan after Todd had had enough of Adam's lack of diligence.

But at last, 'Black Sheep Solicitors' has become a reality, albeit not with that catchy title. Settling for 'Barlow-Grimshaw' with the cheesy (but I like it) slogan, "In It To Win It", I'm positive there's many great scenes to come with these two and I cannot wait.

Phelan and Nicola

Phelan and Nicola's storyline continued this week and I'm really enjoying it at the moment. A little while ago we were introduced to feisty Nicola Rubenstein who, by judging her tough nature, could well and truly be the offspring of Pat Phelan, the Corrie crook who everyone loves to hate.

This week, Eileen found her husband reminiscing over old love letters and as much as she tried, she couldn't help but feel odd about it. Pat genuinely did look distraught over the whole situation so Mrs Phelan thought if she could talk to Nicola alone, she might be able to win her round. However, Nicola was less than impressed and threatened Eileen with the police, not ideal and certainly not the expected outcome.

So, they're my highlights from a pretty jam-packed week, what were yours?

Written by Sophie Williams.
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Jennie McAlpine on going topless in Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz in Coronation Street, has been speaking to Inside Soap magazine this week as the mag celebrates its 25th birthday.  There's a lovely photoshoot with Jennie in the mag, but you'll have to buy it to see the pics.

She says the one scene that everyone still talks about is the one above, when Fiz was on the factory roof not long after she joined the show. Fiz climbed up to the top of the knicker factory to protest about Mike Baldwin - and she took her top off.  Jennie says: "I actually did that. All my modesty was covered, but it was in the middle of blimming winter!"

She also reveals a fear of dogs and wasn't best pleased when she had to put two puppies down her top in a scene with Kirk at the kennels. She's also had to get into bed with an Irish Wolfhound.

And, in the aftermath of Chesney's stabbing, Jennie reveals that Fiz's maternal side will kick in. "Fiz is angry with the lot of them," she says.

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Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for July 17 - 21

Wrong End of the Stick Award: Gemma and Norris think Liz and Johnny are having it on. Or off. But Jenny should have known better than to believe Gemma's story.

Flat? What Flat? If Sally's lending Gina money for her flat/electricity bill, why isn't she actually living in the flat? The bills might be on her old place but I thought Sally arranged for a new council flat for her?

Styling award: Rosie's bling headphones!

I want the Internet Aidan's got: One login for the whole internet for shopping. Unless he uses the same one for every single e-retailer on his list?

False Hope award: Maria spotted Leanne comforting Eva and assumed Aidan finished with Eva.

Clueless award: You'd think Aidan would have the grace to wait for Eva to be completely out of the way before giggling over Maria's sexy texts.

Lines of the week:
Robert "I own a restaurant, I smell nice and I have excellent taste in shoes"
Tracy to Adam "I'm sure you'll both be very happy. Two psychos in domestic bliss"
Adam "How many second chances have people given you over the years?" Tracy "Loads. Because people are stupid. And nice. And I'm neither"
Mary to Norris "Did you come for a posy or just to mock?" (Actually, Norris was very kind to her)
Mary "Police crime scene tape always reminds me of Mother. She used to put it across my bedroom door when I was a child. Just to torment me."
David to Aidan "Your mistress is about to tell your girlfriend you can't keep it in your pants" Eva to Maria "I couldn't lie to your face, I'm not made that way" (Oh, that was a shot, and they both knew it)

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Is Eva a Coronation Street Icon - Yay or Nay?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Is Eva Price a modern day Coronation Street icon? I say YAY most definitely.  For me, Eva's up there with the likes of other modern day Corrie icons such as Liz McDonald, Carla Connor, Roy Cropper. I've compiled a list of my favourite icons here.

Eva is pink and girly and sweet to the point of being sickly. But she's got a rod of iron running through her - and woe betide anyone who upsets her.  Her current obsession with getting revenge on Aidan will surely turn around so that Eva will start to show her steely side and chuck him out before dumping her 'mate' Maria.

She can go off to France for a while to gather her thoughts and paint her nails before coming back strong and tougher and pinker and sweeter than ever.

Eva 4ever.  Is she a Coronation Street icon - Yay or Nay? What do you say?

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Sunday Comments July 23

Robert's finalized the Bistro sale and it's all his now. So how was your first day, buddy? Pretty crap as it happens. Rich, the drug dealer, showed up and waited around for Robert to come back from the bank and he was angry and surly about it. He's in a state, high on cocaine apparently. He's in over his head with someone and out to blackmail Robert for cash or he'll tell Michelle about "Catherine" which may or may not be a nickname for Cocaine. He started smashing glasses and bottles and being out of control. It was quite stupid really.

Sinead and Chesney still seem to be trying to make a go of it. It's almost painful, though, watching the pair of them on eggshells. He's so earnest and she's still wary, and I don't really think her heart's truly in it. She's just not into you, mate. She's still throwing gazes Daniel's way but she doesn't seem to be pining. But Chesney has his breaking point and finally told her where to go. If they're not reconciling, then just own it and tell him. It's the ultimate ultimatum. she tells Beth she does love Chesney and it's very much over with Daniel. Beth calls Chesney "safe" and Sinead agrees but for her, that's a good thing.

So Chesney has his girl back. For five minutes. He went to the Bistro to talk to Daniel and walked right into Rich losing his nut in the restaurant. He was swinging a broken bottle around and Chesney walked right into it. It was up to Daniel to try to stop the bleeding and keep him going until the ambulance got there while Robert chased after Rich. He didn't find the man so went running around looking for Sinead or Fiz. He tried to keep Chesney awake and talking by talking rubbish about movies. Sinead finally got there but assumed Daniel must have been the one to hurt Chesney. If it wasn't over before that, a mistrustful assumption like that would have killed it. So to speak.

Will Chesney survive? Of course he will, but Fiz is staring daggers at Sinead. She's not happy with her for the whole Daniel thing and now this, where Chesney was intending to talk to Daniel, that just adds to it. Fiz must be legally Chesney's next of kin, too. Back on the Street, Tracy's avidly passing on half the gossip, she's not got the whole story about how it happened, just that Daniel saved Chesney's life which impresses Ken. Gemma is worried for her mate and this stabbing brought Kylie's back. It would, wouldn't it. I did laugh that after she got Norris to hug her, Mary launched into Adam's arms for one, too.

Gemma was a breath of fresh air, as always, visiting Chesney and singing Happy Birthday because it was the only song she could think of at the moment. Chesney, however, is disappointed that Sinead wasn't there when he woke up. Michelle is feeling guilty because she knows it wasn't just some random nutter. Fiz didn't tell Chesney that Sinead was there all night until the nurse did so Fiz called her back.

Ken even had a nice discussion with Daniel who's still feels awkward around his father. Ken wasn't judgemental about Daniel's degree and did and said all the right things. Almost as if he knew what he was doing.

Robert has a lot of 'splaining to do to Michelle now. He told the police very little. He did tell her the truth. Robert was a coke head and he told Michelle that Rich wanted to launder money through the restaurant. I think it would be a lot better if he was up front about it with the cops but soaps don't work that way. Finally he revealed the truth. Catherine isn't a code name for cocaine, it was one of Robert's ex girlfriends. He and she did coke to get through the long days at work but she overdosed and died. Daniel's overdose brought it all back. Rich was a good friend back in the day and you can see he's feeling sympathetic but Michelle has put her foot down. Robert completely ignored her threat to leave and called Rich, saying he'd do his laundry, just this once. Stupid man.

Rich did apologize to Robert but he's more concerned with his own backside. But oh dear heavens, Robert knuckled under to the pressure and the trauma. He didn't do cocaine in the car but took some with him. Or at least it looked like it. What he actually did was set Rich up for an arrest. Whew. He had me worried there for a minute. He did it so he wouldn't lose Michelle but Rich is going to be out for more blood.

Eva's bent on revenge but it's hard to keep up the lie that she's still lovey dovey with her fiance when she can't stand him touching her. Aidan is spending his alone time giggling over texts from Maria, no doubt leaving nothing to the imagination. You'd think he'd have the grace to wait for Eva to leave the room before whipping it out of his pocket and smirking at it. The text, of course. What did you think I meant?

Aidan decided to get Eva a doctor appointment because she'd pretended she wasn't feeling well. And he then perched right there beside her during the appointment but since there wasn't any internal exam or anything too telling, she got away with it. It's kind of disgusting the way Aidan acts all gushy and excited about the baby while still carrying on running after Maria even in front of Eva and then lying to her that Eva's sick (not pregnant). He needed to tell Maria who was blackmailing him over the photo. Why couldn't he text her that since he texts everything else that's damning.

He still wants to keep the pregnancy secret, that's because he doesn't want Maria to find out. Anyway, he hands over his "login for the internet" to Eva. One login. the whole Internet. Nice for some. Anyway, he's handing Eva a blank cheque, basically. Somehow I don't think all this revenge isn't going to make her feel any better in the long run.

Eva keeps telling Aidan she's got morning sickness. And there's Aidan, still making secret assignations with Maria behind his back. Part of me thinks this whole revenge thing is perhaps a tad wrong and then I see Aidan do another stupid love rat move and I think, Ok, he's got it coming to him. No, I think I'm with Leanne on this. She's not doing the right thing, not the kind of revenge she's taking.

Aidan offered her a spa day with a friend. Eva decided to ask Maria!! So much for the afternoon delight he had planned. Maria was kind of backed into a corner and accepted but she's ticked off with Aidan and she's decided to tell Eva about the affair herself. Cue panic stations. He managed to get to the spa before Maria spilled the beans. Just. Eva then told Maria about the baby and her face hit the floor. That's the thing that made Maria finish with him. Only Leanne wasn't close enough outside to hear her say that. She's on board for the revenge, now. Next up, the wedding dress. And a car. A pink Range Rover.

Phelan still has 30 year old love letters to Nicola's mother. He's the last person I would have expected to be that sentimental. Eileen is being quite understanding but she's curious as hell. She saw him stash the letters and photos in a jacket pocket and went snooping. Later over at the yard, he discovers that Nicola is not Seb's case worker anymore, or so it seemed. Phelan wasn't happy to find out she apparently backed away.

Eileen read the letters she found and thought they were unsettling. She worries that he must still harbour a deep unabiding love for his ex, considering how over the moon he apparently was about her back then but, talking to Steve about it, he reckons the past is the past. Should he call her? Eileen thinks he should leave her be, for now anyway but she summoned Nicola who said she only missed the session because she was in court. She did plea his case and showed her a photo of Phelan and her mother back in the day, dancing while her father looked on. That doesn't have the effect Eileen wanted because Nicola threatens them with the police if they bother her anymore. Seems strange to see him so vulnerable. It's not the Pat Phelan we know and hate!

Jenny and Johnny aren't back together and one of the clients, Matthew Singh, asked Jenny out. She turned him down but he still wanted her to have his phone number. Flattering. Later, all the staff at the factory received wedding invitations. Turns out Johnny forgot to cancel the order. Jenny decided, with Gemma's encouragement, to call Matthew after all. She's having second thoughts, though. Matthew is definitely smitten, though, coming into the factory with an arm full of flowers for Jenny who really wants Johnny if the truth be told and he wants her back. Gemma, of course, exaggerated the situation, jumped to all the wrong conclusions and Jenny should have known better than to believe her. Kate then implied that Johnny had a good reason for dumping Jenny but she couldn't tell the secret. Intriguing. Time to go check that out. In the wake of her accusations, he finally told her about the MS.

Gina gave Sally a cupcake to thank her for lending her the money for the flat. So why isn't she living in it? Gina is ordering ugly commemorative plates that are not cheap. With the money Sally gave her for an electricity bill. Perhaps it was that not the flat in general she meant. Was it for her old flat, perhaps? anyway, Rosie told Gina what happened and Gina looked very guilty and she denied it was from the money Sally lent her. She also managed to find money to pay Sally back. She borrowed it from Sophie.

Adam's back from London and he's moved back in with Daniel, much to Tracy's disgust. He was even kind of nice to Daniel, asking how he is doing. Rare event, indeed. Turns out Adam is renting that premisis next to the cafe for his solicitor office and he's going to blackmail Aidan for the deposit. 5000, a one off payment. Aidan agrees. The one thing you shouldn't do, pay a blackmailer. His next target is Tracy. A savings account for Amy in exchange for a guarantor for the lease or the startup costs for the business. No chance, she says. He targeted Mary next, distracting her and getting some paperwork and forging Tracy's signature. He still wants Todd to work for him but Todd was reluctant. Can't blame him. He knows Adam is dodgey.

Mary certainly has a soft spot for Adam, something he makes sure to cultivate so he can use her. Norris was very kind to Mary, though, checking up she was ok after the let down of Jude's news. Laughed later when Mary managed a hug from Adam who looked a bit put off. Well, he's got to put up with the awkward if he's going to flirt with her and encourage her to have this little crush on him. Mary had business cards made up though they included Todd's last name.

Todd thinks he and Billy should go to Drew's funeral even though they've been banned. Billy's trying to understand but Todd instigates and they're going to crash the funeral after all. They get all dressed up and head to the church but the vicar has been told not to let them in. Billy talked himself into crashing it anyway, singing loudly to the hymn, definitely noticed by Drew's parents. And Summer, that dear little thing, even stood up to do a eulogy. Except when she faltered and Billy encouraged her, she wasn't happy to see him. That goes back to when she thought they didn't want to look after her.

Mary had those business cards made up, 100% ambulance chaser stuff. Todd is horrified as is Billy! She distributed them around town including the church where the funeral was! Classic Mary! Anyway, Drew's mother threatened the police and the Bishop on Billy.

Later, Todd gave Adam a hard time about the business cards, though Adam did say it was Mary's doing. The first client has already called and in she came. Summer! She thinks her father shouldn't have died when he did and she wants to sue the NHS. Adam used the situation to get Todd on board. Todd used it to get Summer's details but she came back again and he sat her down and talked to her, took her seriously. At least he got to the bottom of what she overheard but she's still not so keen. It's true. He does still live with his mother and there's no room for her. She's a very independent little kid, isn't she?

Dev has invited Kevin and Anna to dinner. But Anna got all intimidated when Erica showed off her new, very short, dress. She doesn't have anything to dress up in and wouldn't show her scarred legs off anyway so she backed out. She got stroppy so he went alone.

Mary reached out to Bethany who most definitely needs a friend. She's really feeling down on herself, feeling stupid she fell for Nathan's lines. Mary's encouragement was so lovely, it gave me a lump in my throat, I'll admit it. But there's bad news. The police don't have enough evidence to charge Nathan. He's now free. This is not good. Not at all. Bethany was devastated when she found out. She knows she didn't tell them everything, about Neil, and that could have been why.

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